Top Ten Vegetarian Restaurants list
-The Times   2010

Ten of the best vegetarian restaurants in London 222 Veggie Vegan
This West London restaurant is the only one on our list that is 100% vegan, drawing in a crowd for being such a London rarity. The Seitan Stroganoff is a big hit – seitan is meatier in texture than tofu, so it makes a substantial main course. Wash it all down with some organic English lager before you feel too virtuous.
-Evening Standard   16/08/12

One of Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in London Guide

The niche food is the attraction, which is enough to entice a crowd of young, groovy diners every evening…The all-you-can eat lunchtime buffet is fantastic value.
-Time Out Guide 2013

The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in London – Vegan only lunchtime buffets and a la carte dinners are on offer at 222 Veggie Vegan, with the emphasis on a vegan lifestyle being the healthiest way to enjoy both food and life. Their green philosophy carries throughout the restaurant – even the paint on the walls is environmentally friendly – and regulars love this spot for its lack of pretentiousness and its commitment to making healthy food the absolute opposite of boring.  -The Huffington Post, 06/02/13

If the word ‘vegetarian’ strikes fear into your carnivore-to-the-core heart, surely the only concept more terrifying is ‘vegan’. But try this trendy little spot in Kensington and you could well find yourself converted by the passionate vegan chef’s imaginative cooking. Dishes such as seitan (wheat gluten) stroganoff and pumpkin noodles with grated coconut will be quite unlike anything you’ve tried before – in a good way!  –TNT Magazine, 01/04/13

222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant
A creative and super delicious meal that would keep us wanting to come back for more!…
The restaurant itself has an elegant and relaxed atmosphere; one that you can enjoy inviting your friends to for a special occasion or a nice evening out…222 attracts many regulars and occasional visitors of diverse crowds, vegan and non-vegan alike, as well as people looking for healthy wholesome food, without compromising on flavor and presentation. We left the restaurant full, happy, and pleased. This was by far a fantastic experience for all diners present!   26/11/12

My favourite London restaurant

“Amazing and genuine great service!”
So hard to pick from the menu. Food is authentic & delicious. If you enjoy eating and want to sit and savour flavour – then this is your place! Savoury and sweet pancakes! Yummy! The black eye bean and tofu filled pancake is moreish – it has this creamy sauce and really makes the dish. The Stroganoff is just gorgeous. Desserts…. all of them delicious. So refreshing and relaxing at the same time…the ambiance is like a little oasis. Health warning: It’s not fast food – it’s REAL food, prepared with care and attention and it’s worth the wait. If you’re in a rush., the buffet is unbeatable value for the quality of food you get.
-Goody T, TripAdvisor   09/11/12

“A rare treat”
As a vegetarian of 25+ years it’s still a rare treat to find a wholly vegan restaurant offering a wide variety of tempting dishes, but that is exactly what we found here. My partner and I had 3 different courses each and everything we had was beautifully cooked and presented.
-Jayne W, TripAdvisor   09/04/13

(222 has) the best buffet of any place in the world I’ve been to. Their vegan desserts are just so damn good. There’s one in particular that should be on everybody’s bucket list. It’s called Spice Island Pie. Ok, get this, it’s Raw, Wheat free, Gluten free and Sugar free. Seriously, what more could you possibly want from a desert! On top of that – and I’m a very disciplined eater, it’s the only dessert in this universe that I simply can’t say no to (& no it doesn’t speak, but if it did it would say “I Love You”).
-Aiden,    04/19/13

“Great food/good service”
With 222 we got a personal service where we could discuss our needs in depth, a fast response, and an amazing and inexpensive cake, decorated at no extra cost, to our requirements. Everyone at the party, vegan and not vegan, loved the cake and nibbles from 222. I would like to thank and recommend chef Ben who not only made the cake but also provided the most amazing service – from giving me his mobile to quell any last minute fears about it not being ready on time etc to ordering my cab and carrying the cake to it. Thanks Ben we will be back!
-Moira, TripAdvisor    08/05/13

Excellent Cooking, Imaginative Dishes
222 offers the best vegan food in London, and must be one of the best restaurants in Europe for vegetarians and vegans…222 has a relaxing, simple setting with many local, multicultural guests and their service, atmosphere and above all the dishes are superb. Finally, the restaurant is an excellent value for money, in particular when you look at the quality of the ingredients they use. An absolute paradise for vegans and anyone interested in healthy eating.
-Vanessa2,   11/05/12

“Excellent, even for carnivores!”
As a confirmed carnivore, I was highly sceptical that it would be a) tasteless and b) not very filling and that I’d be getting a kebab on the way home, but none of that happened at all! The food was really good and hearty; filling but really tasty and reasonably priced.
-Orange_Sakura, TripAdvior    05/03/13